WEDS Access control management system

WEDS Intelligent Access Control System is not a simple doorway and key management, but a complete access management system, which is connected with the monitoring system. All entrances and exits are recorded with high-definition photos for easy targeted inquiry.

System topology
System topology
System functions
  • First card to open door
  • Card+password to open door
  • Super password to open door
  • Set esaily
  • Alarm when door always open
  • Abnormal access alarm
  • Duress password
  • Security AC management
  • Effective time limit
  • Anti-passback
  • Complete record
  • Connect monitor device
  • Fire alarm linkage
  • E-map
  • Message
System features
  1. 1. Simple installation and setup, TCP / IP architecture, access to network cable can automatically obtain IP, automatic communication connection;
  2. 2. You can check the online status of the device and data collection at any time on the unified monitoring interface;
  3. 3. Can set the operation authority owned by the operator;
  4. 4. Including remote door opening, anti-passback, interlocking, multi-card door opening, duress password door opening, etc .;
  5. 5. Including electronic map, SMS notification, video surveillance, etc.
  6. 6. SMS notification: The system can realize the SMS notification function by docking with the SMS platform
  • BD face terminal with ACBD face terminal with AC
    Hardware Platform Quad-core, frequency 1.8GHz, memory 2GB
    Face Capacity <=20,000 people
    Identification speed Card identification<0.2s,Face identification<1s
    Liveness detection Yes
    Real time monitor Yes
    Display 10.1 inches color IPS LCD, resolution 1024×600
    Network Auto 10/100M Base-T Ethernet UDP, TCP/IP
    Camera 2 million pixels
    WDR 105DB
    Field angle Adopt wide angle lens, angle of view up to 96°,
    Supplement light automatic turned on
    Power DC 12V/2A, POE optional
    Environment Temperature 0℃~45℃, humility10%~90%
    Dimension Size 310*175*32(mm), wall-mounted installation
    USB interface Internal USB 2.0 high speed interface 1pcs
  • G5 face with ACG5 face with AC
    Hardware 8 cores,1.8GHz,RAM2GB
    Quantity 20,000 people with face
    Speed IC card<0.1S,face<1S
    Technology Binocular Liveness Detection
    Display 5 inches IPS touch screen,720*1280
    Size 146*74*20(mm)
    Access control Support Relay,Magnetic input,Wiegand and open door button signal
    Security Support extrenal access control box
    Network Auto 10/100M Base-T Ethernet
    Data protocol UDP,TCP/IP
    Camera 200 million pixels
    Video intercom MIC extensible visual intercom
    Fied Wide angle lens,view up to 117°
    Supplement light Automatic turn on
    Power DC 12V/2A
    Environment Temperature0℃~45℃,humility10%~90
  • DR QR code readerDR QR code reader
    Identification Mode: Mifrare, QR code 
    Platform: X1000,1.0G,32MB RAM,128MB ROM,c xzxLinux 3.10 240*320 LCD buzzer
    Communication: RS485 Wiegand26,34<100 meters
    Work environment: temperature-20℃-65℃, humility 10%-90%
    Protection level: IP65
    Size: 53*139*23(mm)
  • CR AC card readerCR AC card reader
    Identification Mifare(IC)card, keypad password
    DC power 9-15V DC
    Static current: 80mA
    Work current 100mA
    Frequency 13.56KHz
    Read range 2-8cm
    Communication Wiegand 26 bit or Wiegand 34 bit
    Distance <100m
    Dimension Size: 122mm×20mm
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