• September 1997 Yantai Weier Data System Co., Ltd. was established.
  • August 2000 The development of the 10.4-inch color LCD multimedia attendance machine model 4350 has been successful, becoming the first LCD multimedia attendance machine.
  • March 2004 The Weir Card software platform system was successfully developed and listed, and obtained the product copyright registration from the China National Intellectual Property Administration.
  • June 2006 The company's first networked multimedia S6 attendance and access control integrated machine using ARM technology and embedded operating system has been launched.
  • October 2007 The V-type attendance machine has been launched, and the embedded multimedia attendance machine of Will Company has formed a series and standardized development, and has been exported to foreign markets for the first time.
  • November 2008 The F-type attendance machine is on the market.
  • June 2009 Launch the "Real Name Management System for Construction Sites".
  • July 2009 The entertainment real name management system tailored to the industry characteristics of entertainment venues has been successfully launched.
  • November 2009 After continuous technological breakthroughs and innovation, the H-series attendance machine, which includes wireless communication (CDMA/GPRS) functions, has been launched.
  • April 2010 The "Early Childhood Safe Transfer Management System" has emerged in response to the expectations of users and parents in the education industry.
  • August 2010 Will has developed the "Floating Population Rental Housing Management System" to assist the public security department in digital management of the floating population.
  • November 2010 The successful release of the 'Force Entry and Exit Management System' has promoted the pace of digital management in the military.
  • March 2011 The SMS platform software system has emerged.
  • September 2011 In order to meet the market demand for consumer electronics, institutionalization, and convenience, the offline consumption type of the color screen intelligent POS machine developed and produced by Will has emerged.
  • October 2011 Innovatively designed and developed a bank escort personnel management system, successfully solving the standardized management of bank escort personnel under real name system.
  • March 2012 The successful launch of the academic attendance management system has enabled it to communicate with mainstream academic software resources on the market, filling a market gap.
  • April 2012 The cloud platform independently developed by Will Company has officially been released. CCTV Channel 2's "Half Hour Economy" program interviewed Will Company and Chairman Wang Guannan.
  • May 2012 The leaders of the municipal party committee visited Weir Company to inspect and guide the work. The access control system has been launched, including WA series access controllers and ER series access card readers. The programmable intelligent terminal PIT and its universal platform for the Internet of Things have been successfully developed for many years. The network (WEB) service system software SCM one card management platform system based on the enterprise network (intranet) extension architecture is released.
  • November 2012 The conference check-in system has been successfully released, which includes conference check-in management software and handheld terminal device applications.
  • December 2012 The school bus management system has been publicly launched for the first time. The 2416 platform D series hanging consumer machines (offline and online versions) have been officially released. The exam management system and intelligent terminal application have been officially released.
  • January 2013 The dormitory management system (SCM independent module) has been launched. The visitor management system (SCM independent module) was successfully released.
  • April 2013 2416 Platform I-type Attendance Machine Honored Launch
  • May 2013 Handheld POS consumer machine officially launched
  • June 2013 Campus pick-up and drop off management system launched
  • November 2013 Will was awarded the title of "Shandong Famous Brand Product" and "Shandong Service Brand" Will Participate in the Shandong Province High Level Foreign Experts' Blue Zone Tour Activity
  • April 2014 SCM One Card Platform_ V1. 06 real-time version successfully released
  • June 2014 Real time version of construction site real name management system successfully released
  • December 2014 Will Company was rated as a municipal "talent attraction highland"
  • May 2015 Weir Company changed to Shandong Weir Data Co., Ltd
  • July 2015 The National Unique Academic Attendance Management System (Academic Attendance Management Terminal System) Has Been Launched
  • November 2015 Will Attends the Listing Ceremony of the New Third Board in Beijing Will's exhibition at Shenzhen Anbo Fair achieved a complete success
  • March 2016 Basic Education Query Platform Launched
  • May 2016 The installation version of the intensive platform management system was born Weir Data Southwest Office Officially Established Will won first place at the Yantai Science and Technology Progress Award
  • June 2016 University Teaching Building Query System Launched
  • 2017 The comprehensive launch of mobile applications for Weier's various product lines signifies the successful transformation of the system to the internet mobile end;
    Will has launched a high-performance intelligent facial recognition terminal, opening a new chapter in facial recognition applications;
    In the same year, the Weir Data Research Office Building was officially completed and put into use, providing greater space for the company to implement new strategic development, enrich its research and development team, and expand its industrial scale.
  • 2018 The BD series of QR code recognition products have been launched, better meeting users' high security management requirements for access control; In the same year, the college student behavior collection and analysis system was launched, reflecting Will's continuous in-depth research achievements in the field of college identity recognition.
  • 2019 Launch new application solutions such as collaborative education cloud platform, campus access, and moral education class card solutions to create an overall solution for digital smart campuses;
    In terms of universities, we have launched a large data visualization screen and upgraded the system to a new UIP platform;
    In the same year, the G5, N8, and SY series of facial recognition devices were successively launched, marking the comprehensive transformation of Will products towards facial recognition.
  • 2020 In the context of the global epidemic, the overall business situation of the company has remained largely unaffected and has seen significant growth. The company has launched a temperature measurement and facial recognition epidemic prevention and control solution to assist in global epidemic prevention and control.
  • September 2021 The company has won multiple honors such as the Top 100 Innovative Private Enterprises in Shandong in 2021, the Top 50 Service Industry Enterprises in the City in 2020, and the Kangxiang Yantai Star Enterprise Brand;
    The company assisted in epidemic prevention and was interviewed and reported by Shenyang Daily.
    The identity verification system for college freshmen has been launched.
  • December 2021 The company has obtained a total of 7 authorized intellectual property rights, including 1 invention patent, continuously improving research and development and product competitiveness.
  • June 2022 L4 series facial recognition digital sentinel intelligent terminals are launched for sale;
    QR series access control card readers are available for sale;
  • July 2022 The M7 series face recognition access control terminals are on sale;
  • October 2022 The 2022 Municipal Service Industry Innovation Center awarded by the Yantai Development and Reform Commission has obtained three national patents;
  • April 2023 The new CE series dual screen facial intelligent payment terminal has been launched;
  • May 2023 The company has been recommended by Laishan Industrial Famous Products;
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