WEDS Smart Time Attendance Management System can flexibly configure the attendance rules of different personnel through the time attendance machine and WEDS-bs6.0 management system, and supports multiple attendance methods by swiping card / face / password. The data is uploaded to the server in real time to ensure the accuracy of the data

Identificaiton modes
  • Mifare one
    Mifare one
  • Fingerprint
  • QR code
    QR code
  • Face
  • GPS
System advantage
  • Shift Provide a variety of quick scheduling methods, and flexibly set shifts through preset shifts
  • Multiple attendance rules Attendance rules can be set flexibly, and various attendance statistics rules such as the number of punches, effective punching time and interval for each shift, late arrival, early departure, absence, overtime, leave, etc
  • Intelligent automatic catch shift Support automatic catch shift, no need to schedule employees in the system in advance, the system can automatically match the recorded employee attendance data with the shifts set in the system
  • Intelligent attendance analysis Intelligently analyze attendance data according to attendance rules, automatically generate attendance statistics reports and abnormal records, and export attendance data through EXCEl table, which is convenient and reliable at the end of the month.
  • Real-time push of attendance records Real-time upload of employee attendance records
  • Monitoring, query and analysis report Generate various attendance reports based on customer needs.
Application scenario
  • Vehicle identification
    Vehicle identification
  • Attendance
  • Mobile location attendance
    Mobile location attendance
  • Entrance and exit
    Entrance and exit
  • Office access control
    Office access control
  • Shuttle attendance
    Shuttle attendance
  • G5 face terminalG5 face terminal
    Hardware 8 cores,1.8GHz,RAM2GB
    Quantity 20,000 people with face
    Speed IC card<0.1S,face<1S
    Technology Binocular Liveness Detection
    Display 5 inches IPS touch screen,720*1280
    Size 146*74*20(mm)
    Access control Support Relay,Magnetic input,Wiegand and open door button signal
    Security Support extrenal access control box
    Network Auto 10/100M Base-T Ethernet
    Data protocol UDP,TCP/IP
    Camera 200 million pixels
    Video intercom MIC extensible visual intercom
    Fied Wide angle lens,view up to 117°
    Supplement light Automatic turn on
    Power DC 12V/2A
    Environment Temperature0℃~45℃,humility10%~90
  • BD face terminalBD face terminal
    Hardware Platform Quad-core, frequency 1.8GHz, memory 2GB
    Face Capacity <=20,000 people
    Identification speed Card identification<0.2s,Face identification<1s
    Liveness detection Yes
    Real time monitor Yes
    Display 10.1 inches color IPS LCD, resolution 1024×600
    Network Auto 10/100M Base-T Ethernet UDP, TCP/IP
    Camera 2 million pixels
    WDR 105DB
    Field angle Adopt wide angle lens, angle of view up to 96°,
    Supplement light automatic turned on
    Power DC 12V/2A, POE optional
    Environment Temperature 0℃~45℃, humility10%~90%
    Dimension Size 310*175*32(mm), wall-mounted installation
    USB interface Internal USB 2.0 high speed interface 1pcs
  • F series terminalF series terminal
    Identification Mode Mifare one/proximity card/fingerprint
    Identification Speed RF card identification<0.2s ,FP identification <0.2s                    
    Max FP Storage 3000 pieces, upgradeable to 10000pieces
    SFAR / FRR &lt; 0.001 % / &lt; 0.1 %
    Storage Capacity 256MB Flash Disk, support SD card with 16G capacity
    Display 3.5 inches color TFT LCD resolution 320×240
    Network Interface 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface
    Communication Protocol TCP/IP protocol, Wiegand, RS232, USB
    Power DC 12V, 2A
    Working Environment Temperature 0-50deg, humidity 10%-90%
    Dimension 173*131*45 (mm), 0.75Kg, wall hang installation
    Photography 1.30 mega pixels, HD color camera
    Notice Announcement Remote-control announcement
    Sound Effect Voice reminder, hour striking

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