Campus Access Control System

The security access control application is composed of an access control controller, an access control card reader and a background management system, and is suitable for various application places such as libraries, laboratories, offices, gymnasiums, dormitories, etc. The terminal supports campus cards, faces, QR codes, Provide multiple identification methods.

System functions
  • Hierarchical authorization
    Hierarchical authorization Adopt hierarchical authorization and multi-level authorization mechanisms, define role functions flexibly, define different data permissions for different users, limit the management scope, effectively reduce the authorization workload, and the access control system is easier to land.
  • Remote to open door
    Remote to open door Remote to open door can be realized through the PC terminal and the mobile terminal.
  • Real time monitoring
    Real time monitoring It can monitor the status of the door in real time, as well as the records and details of people check-in or check-out.
  • Site authority
    Site authority Set up a place administrator to automatically have place management authority on the PC and mobile terminals. Set the place to be normally open and normally closed to ensure the safety of the place.
  • Real-time communication
    Real-time communication The real-time communication ability is strong, even if a large number of devices are used, it can respond freely, easily complete the monitoring of the traffic information and abnormal status of the place, and the campus security is under control.
  • Fire-fighting linkage
    Fire-fighting linkage The fire-fighting linkage alarm function, combined with the monitoring system, can quickly open the fire-fighting channel and the safety channel during a fire, and guide people to evacuate quickly.
  • Mobile management
    Mobile management Through the mobile terminal of the WEDS access control system, the person in charge of the site can directly perform site authorization and remote door opening operation
  • Photo records
    Photo records When face recognition, the camera will automatically capture the face, take pictures and upload

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