Accelerate the commercialization of 5G -- Shandong Well Data Co., Ltd. and China Mobile to create 5G + smart education

  • 2020-05-29 15:55
On May 17, the world telecom day, Yantai Municipal Government held a promotion conference on 5G + application, releasing 95 projects of 5G + application and holding a signing ceremony for key projects of 5G + application. Deputy party secretary, mayor Chen Fei, deputy mayor Zhang Dai ling and other leaders attended.

"Every technological reform will push the industrial change, which in turn will drive social change." 5G is more than just a technology. We will make the whole city's efforts to build an ecology conducive to the development of 5G, accelerate the construction of 5G, and build a leading city in the application of 5G." Aiming to build an ecosystem conducive to the promotion of 5G applications, efforts should be made from four aspects, including accelerating the construction of 5G base stations, accelerating the promotion of 5G scenario application, government policy support and accelerating relevant industrial organizations, Chen Fei said. Promote new ideas, new technologies, new models to energize this city.

Before the signing ceremony, municipal party leaders visited the 5G + application innovation and experience center of Yantai city, which was co-organized by China mobile and Shandong Well Data Co., Ltd. and other 5G application technology enterprises, and experienced the latest 5G + application. In order to comprehensively promote the development of 5G + applications, China mobile and Shandong Well Data Co., Ltd. will create 5G + education to help upgrade technology in the field of education and develop smart education in the era of intelligence. In addition, China mobile has jointly established the Yantai Internet of Things(IOT) industry association with Dongfang electronics, Yantai university, Shandong Well Data Co., Ltd. and other relevant enterprises in the Internet of Things(IOT) industry to build an industrial Internet industry system.

Chen Fei pointed out that accelerating the new infrastructure work, such as 5G commercial use is the only way to promote economic transformation, foster a new economy, promote the replacement of old drivers of growth and high-quality development. In addition, he encouraged enterprises to fully promote the construction and application of 5G network, and Shandong Well Data Co., Ltd. and other enterprises as local units should make positive contributions to the implementation of 5G in Yantai.

China mobile and Shandong Well Data Co., Ltd. Will create 5G + wisdom campus, integrate the information technology such as 5G and educational management with innovation, strengthening the construction of campus safety regulation and moral culture and interactive exchange between family, using smart identity perception, big data and cloud service technology to carry out the management of campus culture, culture and activities of information collection, analysis, judgement, promote high-speed remote data transmission and real-time visual intercom in the application of the campus.

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