Infrared image, no need black body calibration, intelligent terminal with face recognition and temperature detection!

  • 2020-05-23 15:05

Product features
Super kernel: adopt HiSilicon dual-core processor, the system is high speed and stable;
Top algorithm: using the Megvii face algorithm and wide dynamic recognition technology;
Liveness detection: effectively prevent the use of photos or videos to replace recognition;
Temperature detection: infrared imaging temperature detection, parallel to face recognition, can be selectively turned on or off;
Microwave induction sensor: accurate detection, 2.5 meters can wake up, complete the identification preparation;
8 "touch screen: can view information, operation Settings, password, etc.
Waterproof and dustproof: metal case, waterproof and dustproof;
Various communication methods: RS485, WG26/34, network port, etc., support online upgrade;
Convenient interface: can be connected to the electric lock, card reader, network cable, U disk (upgrade, transfer data);
Automatic light complementary light switch: according to the environment changes automatically on or off light compensating light, energy saving and environmental protection;
Access control and attendance integration: cooperate with the background management software to achieve the complete solution.

Items Index
CPU HiSilicon dual-core
Memory RAM:1G; ROM: 4GB
Screen Size(inch): 8 inches(MIPI) IPS
Resolution: 800*1280
Lightness: 500 cd/m2
Camera 2 million pixels
Identification mode Face, IC card/CPU card
Identification speed Card identification<0.1s, face identification<1s
Identification technology Binocular liveness detection,visible light+infrared identification
Identification distance Face+temperature50~200cm(suggestion 100cm)
Face library 20000pcs faces
Camera complementary light 4 Infrared+12White light intelligent fill light; Object induction: microwave
sensor; Light sense: light sensitive sensor
Body temperature Infrared imaging temperature monitoring
FOV(calculated value) 59°× 44°
Resolution 16×4
  Temperature measurement
accuracy (room temperature)
± 0.5℃
Voice broadcast  Support
communication mode Ethernet 10M/100M, WIFI optional
Data transfer protocol UDP, TCP/IP
Port 1 way wiegand input or output;1 way relay;1 way magnetic signal;1 way door button;1 USB;1 RS485;1 power supply
Waterproofing grade IP54
Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Humility 10%-90%
Power supply DC12V 2A
Case material Aluminium alloy (CNC)
Dimension 243*127*32mm(dimension not include post, not include external camera),
Wall mounted/post mounted

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