Binocular Face+ Card Time Attendance and Access Control with Temperature Detection

Industrial standard: perfect combination of grade and quality.
Face quantity: 20,000PCS

Flexible System  Infinitely Extension

  • Super kernel: Adopt Hisilicon dual-core processor the system is high-speed and stable.
  • Global top algorithm: Adopt Megvii Face Algorithm with WDR Identification Technology.
  • Temperature detection: infrared imaging temperature detection parallel to face recognition can be selectively turned on or off.
  • Liveness detection: effectively prevent the use of photos or videos as a substitute for recognition.
  • Microwave sensor: accurate detection 2.5 meters can wake up recognition complete identification preparation.
  • 8 Inches touch screen: check device information operation setting  password to open door.
  • Waterproof and dustproof: metal shell with industrial design both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Face access control for real security: equip with exclusive access control board. Access control remains work even if external device is damaged or disassembled. Access controller support fire linkage and it is small easy to install and does not affect the appearance;
  • HD camera: 200 million pixels take clear photos at the scene
  • Comprehensive communication modes: RS485 WG26/34 network port etc.
  • Convenient interface: connect with electric lock card reader network cable U flash disk (upgrade derivative data) etc
  • Automatic switch of  supplement light: it can turn on or off the light supplement light according to the environment change save energy and protect environment

Technical Parameter

Item Parameter
CPU Hisilicon dual-core
Storage RAM: 1G ROM: 4GB
Display Size: 8 inches IPS 5-point capacitive touch screen resolution: 800*1280 perspective: full perspective; Brightness: 500 CD /m2
Camera 2million pixels WDR visible light+near infrared identification Field angle: 65°

Face recognition speed

Card<0.1s face<1s

Face recognition distance

50cm~200cm(distance is adjustable)
Face library 20000

Camera complement

4 infrared +12 intelligent white light  object induction microwave sensor light sense photosensitive sensor
Body temperature detection Infrared imaging temperature monitoring

FOV(calculated value)
59°× 44°
Resolution 160×120

Temperature measurement
accuracy (room temperature)
± 0.5℃ 0.3℃ after black body calibration
Voice broadcast Support

Identification mode

Face IC card CPU card

Identification technology
Binocular liveness detection
Ethernet 10M/100M
Waterproof level IP54
Data transmission protocol UDP TCP/IP
Interface 1way wiegand input or output1 way relay;1 way gate magnetic signal 1 way to open door button 1 USB 1 RS485 1 way power supply
Temperature -20℃-+60℃
USB Support
Power supply DC12V 2A
Case material aluminum CNC
Dimension 243*127*32mm (include installation palate)

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