WEDS company culture
Create values for customers, create chances for staff, create benefits for society, create returns for investors and win development for WEDS.
Make the company into a platform for employees, a platform which can provide the employees' career development and self value realization. Create values for the ID identification fields with technology innovation.
Become the leading company in ID intelligent terminals and application services.
Based on honesty, trusted by customers, staff and cooperative partners.
Customer first. Listen to the customers carefully, understand and meet customers requires. Execution is the main part, speed can win opportunities. Express opinions before making decisions, execute after decisions. Provide individual service for the customers, develop together and realize win-win.
Earnest, rigorous, active and efficient.
The first element to select talent are “values”. WEDS should spare no efforts to accept talents with high quality, pioneer and work spirit. Create a mechanism which can attract talents, keep talents and use talents well. Enhance the training, institutionalize employment, keep the passion and vigour all the time and continue to change the managements.
Have professional dedication, ambition, responsibility, comprehension and innovation spirit. Be skilled at communication. Understand how to work and live.
Focus on the application field of ID identification, reply on man leading technology, fastest advantage and personal service, it will realize the sustainable development.
Appointing people according to their moral character, ability is our principle. Recruiting talents and developing talents are WEDS employment policy all the time.
Behave and act honestly. Truthful in speech and resolute in action. Honesty is our most important intangible assets.
Respect each staff, provide the platform and developing space, motivate proficiency and achieve staff dreams.
Honesty and integrity. Don't hurt the company's benefits. Be modest and low profile. Be responsible, respect for others and win the trust.
Innovation, sincerity, customized service
Pragmatic, enterprising, cooperative and efficient